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About Me

I have a passion and you have it too.

I feel it so strong on my skin that it's like a tattoo.

I feel so much fear in the air in these days,

but for the solution there are no many ways.

The road for the wanted name looks like a mountain,

just because you don't head for water at the only true fountain.

Stop wearing black lenses when you're watching reality,

even if I like them a lot and they're part of my insanity.


Air is no more the key element of this story,

you don't need to follow again the MAN of glory.

Our common passion's future is bright,

you just have to wait for the day with more light.

Just a bit of patience for the MAN in light blue,

I swear: you won't have to chant the name of the one who said "Fuck you!".


These are the only words you'll read from the darkest of the lambs.


Cit: "The Black Lamb" 10/06/2019

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