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Calciopoli & Scommessopoli In English

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Four clubs could also be in trouble because of Juventus






Juventus’ partners are set to get some punishment for collaborating with the Bianconeri to help them gain from capital gains.


Juve has just been punished with a 15-point deduction and it seemed they had been unfairly targeted because the clubs who did business with them haven’t been punished.


However, that is being worked on and a report on Il Bianconero reveals the likes of Empoli, Udinese, Atalanta and Sassuolo are now being probed and could also be penalised for doing business with the black and whites. ........


It takes two to tango when it comes to capital gains and it was a surprise that only the Bianconeri were punished. .........



But that should not stop the club’s plans to petition it and we expect the outcome to be positive since they insist they have done nothing wrong.


These off-field problems must not distract our players, who have a duty to ensure they keep winning so we can end this season very well.



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